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Author Topic: are there different versions of MR03S controller board ?  (Read 2376 times)
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« Topic Start: December 09, 2015, 06:28:39 PM »

in order to have my MR03S use different brushed motors,
i have embarked on changing the fets on my MR03S controller board.

it has been a long and costly endeavour but
i have finally soldered a new set of fets (4) onto my
original MR03S controller board.

during this learning process i have come across different
versions of the MR03S controller board.

i had purchased a MR03S controller board to practice on.  this separate controller board only had
pads for 2 fets and they were located on the bottom side of the board.  unfortunately, i lifted
some of the copper trace on this board, and rendered it unuseable.  i saved the pot
and servo motor for spares.

so i began to replace the fets on my original MR03S readyset car.  the controller card
in this MR03S car had soldering pads for 4 fets, 2 on the top side, and 2 on the bottom side.
this time around, i successfully replaced the 2 existing fets, and added 2 more on the
other side of the board.  i have tested this controller board and it is working,  and there is
no time delay (approx .5 sec) when switching from forward to reverse !

so, after all this, i want to put out the following questions:
- are there different versions of the MR03S controller board ?
- if so,  which version contains the soldering pads for 2 fets on top and bottom face
of the controller card ?

the controller board with the soldering pads for 4 fets (2 on top, 2 on bottom) is the preferred board to have for this modification, IMO...

unfortunately, i cannot post pics cause an error message is informing me there is no more room for
attached pics.

thank you for your help,
SLMZ / HFAY Director
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Speed is Life!!

« Reply #1: December 11, 2015, 09:46:13 AM »

I know the original 03S boards had fets on only one side of the board but had pads on the bottom without fets.   there is now a version 2 03S board out but I haven't seen one so not sure on all the differences.

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